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Hotstones: warmth and relaxation

February 12th, 2020

The “hot stones” in the hot stone massage are not really very hot and have a temperature of around 45-50 degrees. The hot stone massage is usually done with rounded basalt stones. These are volcanic stones that are hard and ferruginous and retain good heat. The stones are heated in water. The large varies from approximately 2 centimeters to 12 centimeters. Water and sand have polished the stones smoothly over the centuries. Hotstone massage is also known as Lavastone, Yoastone or LaStone.

The masseur places the stones on areas of interest, usually the back. The stones give a certain pressure and it may feel as if there is tension on the muscles. However, the heat relaxes the muscles and penetrates deeply.

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50% Discount For Body Relaxing Swedish Massage

December 26th, 2019

Enjoy a wonderful experience for your body. Restore your energy and tone with a classic Swedish massage. This type of massage is applied for the purpose of complete relaxation and toning of the body. It stimulates the immune system, optimizes blood circulation and relaxes the muscles, resulting in the body completely rid of fatigue.

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Swedish massage is one of the most popular massage practices. It uses different techniques and pressing special points on the body in order to improve blood pressure and blood flow. Removes fatigue, tightens sinews and muscle connections and soothes physical pain. Created and developed in Europe. It is performed on a specialized massage table and is characterized by long straight movements with open palms. Often, movements throughout the body are directed to the heart. Oils, powders, creams and lotions are used to improve the smoothness of the gliding effect with reduced skin resistance. The massage movements used in classical massage are exactly 6 types: efflux, petrization, friction, tapping, pressure, vibration. Swedish massage is gaining in popularity and is widely recognized for its wonderful healing effects.

The basic concept of Swedish massage is to bring tension to relief. The Swedish massage technique promotes blood circulation and efficient relaxation. This is achieved by the characteristic long smooth strokes of the spine and numerous massaging movements.

The benefits of massage
Massage therapy is gaining increasing importance and acceptance among medical professionals as a means of relieving various types of pain and also in addition to other medical treatments.

The massages are performed by professional massage therapist. At 30 – Rohit, he has been engaged in massages for 10 years. Massage and technique are difficult to define as Western, it is more Eastern with a taste of Western. “Every massage is different, it can’t be wider than the need, at least for me,” Dara says, since each person is an individual with their individual sensations, so the moment you come to me and lie down on the tatami, you will feel that the technique of the Swedish massage can at any time be mixed with that of Hawaiian, Tibetan, Chinese or Thai. ”

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